How To Burn 'PEERLESS' Single Tie Mantles


  1. Use a gas lamp only outdoors or in a well ventilated area.
  2. Use only the mantle suitable for your lamp.
  3. Remove and discard the ash of the mantle to be replaced ensuring that the the nozzle is absolutely clean.
  4. Clean the lamp glass from it's inside and outside.
  5. Tie the mantle around the nozzle using the tie string.
  6. Distributing the fabric evenly all around the nozzle.
  7. Cut off the excess tie string and discard.
  8. Pull the bottom of the mantle slightly down gently to make the mantle take the shape of a bag.
  9. Ignite the mantle using a match stick or a lighter taking care that the match stick or the lighter does not touch the mantle.
  10. Allow the mantle to burn off completely.
  11. Start the supply of fuel gradually. Ignite the mantle using a match stick or lighter if the mantle does not ignite on its own.

Following the above instructions will lead to a bright white light, and a very satisfactory experience.