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The company has been providing gas lamp mantles for local and international market like United States, Australia and some parts of Asia. Our local products were Gasman Mantle 500 cp and 300 cp while the export product consist of Peerless “2C-HG” Mantles, Peerless “Type 111” Mantles and Peerless”24-A” Mantles.

The said mantles are designed for outdoor camping, fishing, and household, pressurized lanterns which use kerosene, butane, Liquefy Propane Gas and natural gas as a fuel.

Our newest product is called “Lox on mantle” a preformed upright coned shape mantle for wick-fed a none pressurized kerosene or oil lamps, a regular “soft” and ” hard” inverted mantles for low pressure gaslight applications which are now being exclusively manufactured for USA and Europe.

At present, the team behind the success of every newly developed products are in the process of developing  new products to be added to the varieties of mantles being produced that can be use not only at home but also in the streets. They are not just for lighting to brighten the night but, also an excellent source of heat during in the cold and wet season.

P TYPE 111

Peerless Type 111

P 24-A

Peerless Type 24A

P 2 C - HG

Peerless Type 2CHG

soft invert resize for web

Peerless Soft Inverted Mantle

hard #2 resize for web

Peerless Preformed Hard Inverted Mantle

Rosette Type Mantle

Peerless (Rosette Type) Mantle








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