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In the year 1886, the chemist Carl Freiherr Auer von Welsbach discovered that a bright light could be generated by heating a knitted cotton fabric soaked in Thorium using coal flame. The light generated was brighter than the light generated by any other known source of light at that time. This was the moment when the Incandescent Mantle was born. In the year 1891, Carl Freiher Auer von Welsbach discovered that this light could be boosted by adding Cerium to Thorium. A year later Deutsche Gasglühlicht Aktiengesellschaft was founded to produce incandescent mantles named 'AUERLICHT' on an industrial scale under the active co-operation of Carl Freiherr von Welsbach. Mantles were initially used only for street lighting. They were soon used to light up factories and workshops during night shifts. Mantles soon found a wider application in domestic or home lighting, camping lighting, railway signal lighting and navigation signal lighting. Mantles were soon used to light up the world at that time.

As time passed, the use of mantles for domestic or home lighting and camping lighting increased many folds. Mantles became an important part of every home and camp. This resulted in many companies being set up around the world to produce mantles. Producers of mantles who were able to offer strong mantles that last long as well as produce a pleasant bright light survive. The name 'PEERLESS' for mantles is one of the oldest in the industry and our 'PEERLESS' mantles are reknowned for their strength and pleasant bright light.

'PEERLESS' mantles were initially produced at Manila, Philippines. The founder or first owner sold the business in 2007 to another person who in turn sold the business, lock stock and barrel to us, it's current owner, Indo Auerlicht Manufacturing Company. We are the leading and probably only manufacturer for prime quality high pressure soft mantles for use at homes and camps. We are also the manufacturers for 'AUERLICHT' hard mantles used on more than 99% of street and garden gas lamps around the world.

We endeavor to produce any type of mantle and specialize in producing various types of mantles that are no longer produced or obsolete with a view that every lamp using a mantle has a chance to live on.

Whilst we can produce any and every type of mantle, our most popular models for soft mantles for use at homes and camps are the 2C-HG, 24-A and 111. Our mantles are good for use on low pressure lamps and high pressure lamps and with any kind of fuel such as kerosene, butane, l.p.g., natural gas, etc.

Our 'PEERLESS' mantles are the most preferred and widely used around the world.

We invite you to join the vast family of 'PEERLESS' mantle users.

Welcome to the world of 'PEERLESS' mantles.